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(The Truth in 99 Sentences)

Global capitalism is pulling the natural life of the world to its end.
There isn’t any item on the agenda of wealthy states to prevent this devastation.
They do nothing but teach democracy to all countries.
There isn’t much difference between the USA and the EU on that point either.
Their understanding of democracy is as a means to control other nations more stringently.
Their aim is to reinforce those groups which have the ability to cooperate well with them and preferably believe in parliamentary democracy.
To invade other lands and to massacre un-democratized people could be necessary for this holy purpose.
In relation to Turkey:
Most of the Western advocates of freedom look at Turkey from this point of view.
Some groups which we in Turkey know as reactionary, serve as progressive for European leftists.
Some people whom we regard as anti-imperialists are seen as fascists by European liberals.
The USA and the EU have created powerful allied communities in the intelligentsia and mass-media.
These circles are giving information abroad arising from their own ideology.
Also they are driven by foreign politicians as to how they should look at problems in the country.
As a result, some distorted pictures have emerged, very different from the pictures as seen by anti-capitalist groups in Turkey.
We are at the top of the tree from which the whole panorama and political actors are seen as follows:
The Justice and Development Party (AKP) : (Ruling party)
It is the most powerful political movement in the country.
The Party gained 47% percent of the vote at the last election.
The AKP is one of the main actors in the USA’s Great Middle-East Project.
Also it is the most important practitioner of the USA’s Moderate-Islam Model.
The AKP opposes the Turkish Army and pretends to believe in the EU’s and USA’s models of democracy.
Therefore the ruling party is seen as a positive force by Europeans.
However the AKP in reality consists of a covert group of fundamentalist sects operating as the loyal collaborators of the USA.
In other words the ruling party is the most dangerous political movement in the region.
This party is intent on destroying the secular system from within.
The contradiction between the AKP and the Turkish Army is revealed mainly on this issue.
The AKP’s leaders and supporters are mostly men who are greedy, crude and without manners or culture.
They see women as an inferior class and force them to cover their heads.
Actually the Modern-Islam movement looks like Mussolini or Hitler’s type of fascism, instructed from bottom to top.
The PKK ( the Kurdish guerillas’ illegal party); the DTP (its legal party) and Kurdish Nationalists:
Most westerners see them as freedom fighters.
Also, most of the Turkish or Kurdish leftists in Turkey suppose the same.
This opinion seems right when you look at the overview from only one cross-section.
Kurdish nationalists use leftist or liberal jargon and they see themselves as representatives of an oppressed nation.
They are well organised in European Kurdish society.
A very important part of the PKK’s income comes from Europe.
From donations, European funds and as black money…
The organisation has close relations with some state departments, intelligence services and politicians in Europe.
In the last ten years collaboration with the USA and CIA has been added to this.
The PKK is an important force that the USA is using in its Big Middle-East Project.
For some reason, the above mentioned organization is the favorite of nearly all of the imperialists (including Israel).
On the other hand Kurdish people (living with Turkish people for hundreds of years) have suffered deprivation of some rights.
The Turkish Republic, governments and Turkish civil fascists have preferred to ignore this reality until now.
But Europeans don’t want to know about these issues:
Kurdish half-feudal and capitalist upper classes have been in Turkey’s oligarchy since the begining.
The great majority of Kurdish people don’t want separation.
Nearly 15 million Kurdish people are living as brothers and sisters with Turks in the western regions of Turkey.
Some of them are interrelated with Turkish or other ethnic groups.
The PKK doesn’t always even express the demand for a separate state.
Despite all this, the PKK is going on killing in a bloody civil war in which approximately 37 000 “humans with the right to live” have died in the last 25 years.
The PKK is following terror strategies at least as dirty as those of the state.
As a result: nationalism is steadily increasing in Turkey due to mutual Kurdish-Turkish hostility.
The influence of leftist discourse in public opinion is diminishing year by year.
Perhaps the PKK and its supporters exist mainly for that purpose.
The Kurdish problem is a reality.
But imperialist provocations on that issue are also a reality.
Collaborating Liberals and Traitor Left:
Liberalized radical leftist and soft leftist liberals have never been numerous in the country.
But they are relatively more effective than their number (their qualities are excellent thanks God), because the mass-media supports them and some civil organisations are under their control (in their number are many columnists, presenters, trade unionists, heads of chambers, famous writers –Orhan Pamuk, Elif Shafak … etc.)
These elitist freedom fighters have forgotten anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist struggle, or they have never come across such notions anyway.
Democratization is their only business.
For them, the Turkish army and the nationalists (including the patriotic left) are the foremost barrier in front of democracy.
Therefore these types of leftists and American-lovers collect abundant sympathy from Europe.
These kind of liberals persistently state that they are against nationalism, because nationalism means fascism.
But they themselves are covertly nationalist (supporters of Kurdish nationalism, and the nationalism of imperialism).
They tediously go on about freedom of ideas, but themselves are members of oligarchic cliques in the areas of media and literature.
The biggest dilemma of the European intellectual is the same as the one of the Turkish intellectuals now; they do not want to hand over anything to anybody.
They want to be the leader of the society, the conformist, the epicurean, warrior of freedom, the leftist, the socialist and the capitalist all at the same time: It is definitely impossible on the planet earth; it may be possible in the fantastic reality of the other world.
The liberals and liberal leftists are trying to destroy the Turkish Republic.
Ordinary people in Turkey see them as leftist, so the probability of understanding real leftist discourse is diminishing day by day.
That is actually their mission.
Nationalist (Patriotic) Left:
The CHP (Republican People’s Party – the main oppositional party) may be supposed to be the biggest formation in this category.
As a social democrat party they are strange because they hardly mention labour and the affairs of poor people.
Anti-imperialist awareness among the grassroots grows weaker at the top of the party.
As a matter of fact, small leftist groups, parties and some civil organisations known as Kemalist (following Atatürk’s route) and some readers of newspapers and periodicals such as Cumhuriyet are known mostly as nationalist leftists.
Nowadays, Western capitalist civilisation is carrying on a covert war against the Turkish Republic: Isn’t this a reality?
If truths are more fantastic than paranoid claims, nobody can realise where paranoia begins, and which truth is false.
There may be many reasons for this covert war:
Turkey with its hinterland is a big market that imperialists want to control more effectively.
Secondly, although the Turkish oligarchy is composed of people who are reliable in terms of the USA, nevertheless the basic patriotic reflex of the Turkish people sometimes blocks regional imperialist initiatives.
The nationalist left gives priority to the anti-imperialist struggle, looking at the Kurdish problem from the point of view of united anti-imperialist resistance (though partly denying it).
They rely too much on the secular republican potential of the army as well as the state bureaucracy which has not yet been eliminated by the AKP.
The patriotic left tries to provoke moderate anti-imperialist trends in the army and the state.
For these reasons that kind of left seems to Europeans to be non-democrat and even fascist.
Some other political groups:
The Nationalist Movement Party (powerful second opositional party: classical nationalist).
Anti-American fundamentalists. (Relatively small groups)
And conservative (centre right): two small parties. (They were ruling parties 10 - 25 years ago).
Real Communists and Socialists:
TKP (Communist Party): the biggest organised movement in this category.
There are many non-organised people and some smaller groups may be mentioned under this item.
They make up approximately 200.000 people in total.
Beyond all their other aims, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist resistance and the struggle for socialism are the most important duties for them.
The democratisation problem and the Kurdish problem can be solved only in this way.
The forces one should rely on are the workers and ordinary people.
The freedom of the people of Turkey depends on real socialists’ abilities and success.

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